Black Art Exhibition


Shoutout: Black Art Exhibition
Shoutout: Black Art Exhibition

S C R A N T O N , P A – November 02, 2018, The Black Scranton Project is pleased to announce the launch of a new art venture with a pop-up show. This debut art exhibition will feature the works of emerging local Artists of Color among whom are talented contemporary painters, mixed media, and digital artists. Shoutout: Black Art Exhibition will take place at the Scranton Cultural Center 420 North Washington Ave, as part of First Friday Scranton monthly event. The Shoutout continues at 9:00pm with a reception complete with a live musical performance at Posh.

The Shoutout: Black Art Exhibition is a pilot to an exhibition seriesa cultural empowerment series celebrating the contributions of People of Color in the arts, education, music, history, and community. Black Scranton Project’s mission is to promote the visibility of our communities, highlight the talent with in them, and offer a platform for the conversation around the challenges and victories of being underrepresented in Scranton.

The Shoutout: Black Art Exhibition is First Friday November 02, 2018 5:00-8:30pm in the Raymond Hood Room of the Scranton Cultural Center at the Masonic Temple 420 N. Washington Ave. Followed by reception and live music at POSH at the Scranton Club 404 N. Washington Ave.

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The Artists:



Travis Prince - Self Portrait
A Self Portrait of Artist, Travis Prince. oil on canvas @paintings_by_the_prince

TRAVIS PRINCE  is a self taught portrait artist from South Carolina, currently residing in Scranton, Pa. His focus on education, social issues, and relationships within the black community is at forefront of Travis’s work. His medium of choice is oil paint, although he is not afraid to incorporate inks, spray paints and other materials into his craft. Inspired by the composition style and precision of Kehinde Wiley and Fahmau Pecou, as well as the raw visual language of Tim Okamura, Travis takes many of his themes and subjects from authentic observations of everyday people—often center the contemporary black identity.

“I get my inspiration from everyday life and in understanding that everyone has value and adds a piece to the human story.” – Travis Prince 





"Ancestors" drawing by Gossamer Rozen
“Ancestors” drawing by Gossamer Rozen.

GOSSAMER ROZEN is a transgender, gender non-binary, biracial person of color whose work is deeply personal and touches on intimacy and self-actualization. Gossamer uses art as a way to cope with their own emotions, and as a way to get difficult and overwhelming thoughts out of their mind and into the world. Gossamer began as a maker with an interest in game design, narrative illustration, comic books, and children’s’ book illustrations. Their current body of work explores a variety of media post-graduation from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2012, including but not limited to woodcarving, soft sculpture, doll making, and textile art.

Fish - Gossamer Rozen
Soft Sculpture Fish by Artist, Gossamer Rozen. @gossamer.r

The slow process of hand sewing, hand carving, and drawing is meticulous and repetitive, a type of meditation and coping method that is integral if not more important than the finished work. Gossamer is particular about material, exploring the use of old, worn and antique fabrics and papers in their work, inhaling inspiration from these objects and exhaling new life with their touch.




Emmauel Adjei Lettering
“Think You Fancy Huh?” Hand lettering by Emmanuel Adjei @emladjei

EMMANUEL ADJEI is a multidisciplinary graphic & lettering designer specializing in hand lettering, branding, graphic design, apparel design, painted signs and mural direction. A Philadelphia native, recent graduate of Marywood University in graphic design, and one of the artists commissioned for Scranton Made. Emmanuel’s draftsmanship is highly versatile and incomparable, yet masterful in detail with every drawing he crafts. The variety of his work is an inspiration that both fuels and humbles anyone with appreciation of the art of hand lettering.

“I would advise you to get exposed to a lot of different art forms and artists, because once you know the rules it is easier to break them”



IMG_1206LOTUS a duo composed of two captivating women, Alexis Cosgrove and Renee Pair. Just as enrapturing as the flower itself, with its roots based in mud, the lotus flower unfolds her exquisite beauty from the darkest of places. The lotus flower stuns people with its ability to dip into the grime and revive itself unscathed. The duo, Lotus, with soulful feels and sultry sounds writes and records original music. Inspired by the vibes of many musical genres from Soul and R&B to Punk and Rock, the pair has fun adding their unique sound covering popular songs. For upcoming shows, events, and tours join their mailing list at

The Duo met while Alexis was performing at the wedding of a mutual friend, and not long into their introduction did they realize that they share a similar taste in music. Alexis ‘Lexie’ Cosgrove (vocals) is a Scranton native. She grew up singing in the church and as a member of the Marywood Children’s Choir. Her natural talent has led her to perform and collaborate with local artists and bands. Renee Pair (vocals, guitar) hails from Terre Haute, Indiana.Her musically inclined mother first introduced her to singing. She grew up playing guitar in the church until she move to Scranton as a teenager with her family. Now Renee enjoys performing with Lotus, and with her gospel music band at Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Wilkes Barre.



“Little Dancer” by Gabrielle Mitchell oil on canvas @endlessfashionart

GABRIELLE MITCHELL is a self-taught artist from Philadelphia who is currently in her senior year of study at Marywood University studying art education with a concentration in painting. Her work at present is an expression of the human body interacting with the chemistry of movement interpreted via oil paint on canvas—attention on the form and posture of female dancers. Her love for art extends beyond her paintbrush, she says, “art is where my heart is and I enjoy working in various styles of art such as sewing and photography.” Bound for graduate school in pursuit of a master’s in education, Gabrielle’s goal is to return to her hometown in Philly to work with inner-city students.

“Ballet is such a unique art form. You can say things through dance that you could never express in words, and ballet has the ability to touch people on a deeper, and abstract level. Dance is a real and tangible meditation and I want the audience to feel that throughout the color and movement with in my paintings.”




Nala Johnson
Untitled digital illustration by student artist Nala Johnson.

NALA JOHNSON STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: 14-years-old and she is black girl magic.  She a student of the Scranton School District and a mixed media artist. Inspired by her dance teacher, Rashida Lovely, she says “she creates beautiful paintings and I get hyped to draw even more.”  Currently she is focused on her studies and  improving her skills in digital illustration, watercolor, and traditional art. As for her long term goals, her sights are set on higher education in the field of medicine and opening her own gallery. “I want to grow a business to help support my community”

(and she will).


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